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- Suggestions for the board that will help this place be one of the most respected sites in the grappling online community - Posts that are placed in the proper sections and contain content that are related to the proper section. This will help keep this site neat and organized and will help all members find the information they are looking for much quicker, which will in turn lead to the improvement of there grappling performance.
- Respectful debates on topics without it resulting into arguments and rude comments.
- A good level of maturity. Like stated there are many places to go on the internet. So if you can not conduct yourself in a mature manner please go to those other places.

By joining you agree to:

- No trolling what so ever. Trolling or making posts just to start controversy is in my opinion disrespectful and should not be done here. Please go somewhere else to do that. If you are blatantly trolling you will be banned from discussions permanently.
- No file sharing ever. If you are caught file sharing you will be banned completely from the sit. Those who are banned completely will not even have the ability to read or view any of the sections.
- No name calling, harassing, excessive use of profanity, stalking, and anything else of that matter.
- No spamming of the site. Your post should not be just advertising a product, website, etc. If this is the case your thread will be deleted right away. If you add a link to something you should at least supply some useful content. We realize that other sites are doing their best to grow and everyone needs to start somewhere, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.
- No posts about Professional Wrestling. This site is about martial arts grappling styles and amateur/olympic wrestling.
- No spoilers of any kinds. Please do not post any results of events that have not already be broadcasted.
- No debates over Gi vs. No-Gi or Judo vs. BJJ, or anything else along those lines.
- No over use of large fonts and large images. If you are blatantly doing this on purpose your posts will be edited and you will possibly be banned.
- No internet challenges to fight outside of this site
- No fighting in this site or through private messaging
- No airing out dirty laundry or personal issues in this site.
- No discrimination between lower ranked or lower experienced members and higher ranked or more experienced members. If a member insults, criticizes, or bashes a another member they will receive an infraction and possibly be banned with no refund. It will not be tolerated.

Things to consider:

Don't be afraid to post if you are only a white belt in BJJ or Judo. Or if you are in lower experience in any other grappling art. All questions are welcome, all advice is welcome. The way people learn is through discussion and experimentation. If you come up with advice and others discuss a better idea then it's only a place for you to learn.

You're going to hear me say this often but PARTICIPATE! If you don't then you're wasting a big part of your time being here.

There is no such things a post that is too old. You can post on or reply on ANY post of ANY age and it is fine. Think of this place as an encyclopedia for grappling and you guys are making it better every day. Every post is helpful, even if it was the first post ever made here.

Explore the other features of the site and get to know people. You can learn a TON from networking, make good friends, and even set yourself up for good opportunities.

SUGGEST THINGS and report problems. We have a suggestions section all the way at the bottom and support section where you can post suggestions and problems you are having. When you participate in these sections you only help make the site and our community better so please feel free to do so.

If everyone can stay along these guidelines I think we can keep a really good thing going.

For anyone who can not stay along these guideline they will be banned permanently and WILL NOT receive any refund at all. By joining this site you agree to these terms.


All we ask is that you help make this site a fun place to go to and a resource that is a must for all grapplers to visit so everyone can learn.

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