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Erik Paulson's Killer Leglocks Vol. 1 Review

from sfuk.tripod.com

from: Levo

Title: Killer Leglocks vol. 1
Instructor: Erik Paulson
Running time: 45mins
Format: video, PAL or NTSC
Available from: Erik Paulson.com

Rating: 8 out of 10

Erik Paulson

Erik Paulson is a renowned instructor with more than twenty years grappling experience and is in demand for both National and International seminars. He has trained under the likes of the Machado Brothers, Rickson Gracie, Larry Hartsell, Yorinaga Nakamura, Gene Lebell and Guro Dan Inosanto.

In addition, he is also an experienced competitor having fought in Mixed Martial arts events such as the World Combat Championships, Japan Vale Tudo and Battlecade: Extreme Fighting. He is twice world light-heavy weight shootwrestling champion defeating Japan's reigning light-heavyweight shootwrestling champion, Kenji Kawaguchi, in the process.

Erik has an extensive martial arts background that includes shootwrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, boxing, muay Thai and jeet kune do.

Production quality -

The picture quality is average, well below the slick production of WMA tapes, and the sound isn’t that great but it doesn't really take anything away from the information presented.

Content -

Let me start by saying this is not a tape for complete beginners, there is very little verbal instruction, many of the small details aren't covered and it's as much a demonstration as instruction.

So why does it get an 8 out of 10? Read on.....

Think there's a position you can't get a leglock from? Think again! This tape shows how you can get a lock from pretty much anywhere.

The tape begins with a short introduction sequence of Erik performing various takedowns-to-leglock series while a remix of a White Zombie track booms over the top.

Next we see Erik and victim standing on the mats at a large gym (Inosanto's Academy?) and we are straight into the action.
What you get for your money is the achilles lock, the heel hook, the kneebar, and the occasional the figure 4 toehold or knee compression plus about a hundred entries and lock flows.

That what's so great about this tape, nothing is taught in isolation. Every technique is part of series with various entries, setups, lock flows and counters (plus the counters to those counters) shown. There is also some good information on countering, neutralizing and using your opponent's reactions.

The tape is roughly divided up into positions; here are some examples of what's on the tape:


Different hand positions for achilles and heelhook

Entries to achilles/heelhook series from inside the guard

Entries to kneebar/toehold series from inside the guard

Kneebar from scarfhold

Toehold to kneebar from side position

Kneebars to both legs from knee-on-stomach (from top)

Kneebars to both legs from knee-on-stomach (from bottom)

Attacks from open guard

Leglocks as counters to sweeps

There is very little repetition and the moves are shown at a quick pace so if you get this tape be prepared for plenty of repeat viewings and wearing out of the rewind button.

The tape ends with a short TV interview with Erik, including the highlights from one of his bouts in Japan, and some footage of him throwing a student.

If you are a total beginner don't get this tape yet but if you already understand the basic mechanics and/or are interested in leg submissions it's an absolute must.

8 out of 10

Nathan "Levo" Leverton
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